Digitizing the Archives

The original Science for the People magazine published more than 100 issues before ceasing publication in 1989. As we return to publishing in the digital age, we aspire to not only generate new content for the revived movement for radical science, but also to make available hundreds of feature articles from the original magazine to a bigger audience than ever before.

Thanks to the donated time and efforts of original SftP members and organizers of the 2014 conference at UMass Amherst, the complete catalog of Science for the People is available at the conference website  in high resolution PDFs, complete with recognizable text which facilitates the next step toward complete digitization. Currently the collection is searchable by headline, but the digitization project under way will allow the complete text of the archives to be mined for target phrases and author names. Tagging will also facilitate sorting by subject matter.

To make that goal a reality, a small group of SftP activists are going through the archives extracting the text of feature articles for eventual online publication in HTML format. All are welcome to volunteer to help or to nominate specific content to be prioritized for digitization. To join the team or nominate an article, click on the buttons below:

The final goal will be the complete re-publication online of all feature articles that are fully searchable, sortable, free, and available to the general public.