SftP Principles of Unity Pamphlet 

An introductory pamphlet of SftP in PDF (updated in March 2022).

2018 March for Science: Resources to Promote Science for the People

From sign-up sheet PDFs to banner art to the “Dual Nature of Science” Pamphlet, find all your March needs to start or build a local chapter of Science for the People!

Science for the People: Documents from America’s Movement of Radical Scientists

New book released: Highlighting Science for the People’s activism and intellectual interventions in a range of areas—including militarism, race, gender, medicine, agriculture, energy, and global affairs—this volume offers vital contributions to today’s debates on science, justice, democracy, sustainability, and political power.

2014 Science for the People Conference Website

Learn more about the 2014 SftP conference at UMass Amherst! You can also find historical information, archives of written material, and more useful information about Science for the People on this website.

Archive of Science for the People Magazine and More

Browse articles and pamphlets produced by Science for the People between 1969 and 1989.