Working Groups

Science for the People Working Groups

We have a growing body of dedicated working groups and caucuses that address  issues through research, publication, and action.


Infrastructure working groups:


We work on the Science for the People magazine. Join our publishing and outreach efforts!


We digitize the archive of the first iteration of Science for the People Magazine. Join our digitization collective or help us create educational projects with the archives!

IT Infrastructure

We work on upkeep and expansion of the Science for the People digital infrastructure and provide our experience and expertise to allied grassroots organizations.

Topic oriented working groups:

Biology and Society

We work against the misuse of sociobiology, biological determinism, evolutionary psychology, and other forms of “race science.”

Climate Change

We organize STEM to work with student, community, indigenous, and labor groups on divestment, energy democracy, and other climate justice activism.


We analyze the effects of militarism and military funding on science, scientists, and domestic and international policy.

Science for Puerto Rico

We collaborate with local partners in Puerto Rico to identify community needs and organize solidarity campaigns through a decolonial lens.


We develop radical analysis and action against corporate and state use of technologies for private gain and oppressive social relations.