Science for the People engages in research, activism, and science communications for the betterment of society, ecological improvement, environmental protection, and to serve human needs. Members of Science for the People consist of STEM workers, educators, and activists who are socially and ethically focused, and believe that science should be a positive force for humanity and the planet.

As an organization our goals include:

  • Growing an international organization of STEM workers, educators, and activists who work to serve the people — ­especially in poor, oppressed, and marginalized communities
  • Addressing directly our responsibilities to contribute to social, economic, and environmental justice internationally
  • Seeking new and radical solutions for problems of energy, environment, agriculture, public health, and workplace safety
  • Resisting science that serves corporate profit and military domination
  • Exposing individuals, institutions, and organizations who develop and use STEM for exploitation, oppression, profiteering, war, and environmental destruction
  • Opposing racism & white supremacy, sexism & patriarchy, homophobia & cisgenderism, ageism & ableism within STEM
  • Combating efforts to delegitimize, censor, and deny evidence-based scientific findings
  • Establishing platforms of communication and educational tools for STEM workers, educators, and activists to develop research, strategies, and tactics to achieve these goals