A lot has changed in the worlds of science and publishing since Volume 21, Number 2 of Science for the People came off the presses in 1989.  Since that last issue, the absence of such a leading voice for radical science has enabled the dominance and distortion of science by liberal technocrats on the one hand and creationists and climate change deniers on the other.

With the relaunch of of Science for the People, we hope to introduce the principles of radical science to a new generation of activists looking to understand and transform the world around us. In the process, we hope to invigorate the older generation whose contributions over thirty years ago have inspired us to pick up the banner of Science for the People!

The Publications Committee of Science for the People is tasked with charting our return to publishing.  Consult the org chart below to see how we are plotting the path ahead and email us if you’d like to get involved!